December 2015

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Chandler Unified School District and Its Appeal

Most buyers remain heavily focused upon the property being purchased and ignore key details surrounding the neighborhood. One of these details would include the school district that children in the family will be assigned to. For families looking to move to Chandler, Arizona, assessing  the Chandler Unified School District is practical and important. Does it hold the potential one requires for their children? Is it well-regarded around the nation for providing high-quality education? Let's take a look at what the Chandler Unified School District has to offer.


'A' Rating Given by the Government


There is a yearly ranking done by the state government to see which districts are doing well

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Passing along a great article I read on Inman yesterday.  We are seeing more renters venture into home ownership which is a very good option for Chandler home buyers!



Renters caught between rock and hard place

Report finds that rents are rising faster than wages, and slower than home prices


  Key Takeaways
  • Buying a home is actually more affordable than renting in more than half, or 58 percent, of the country’s markets.
  • Rents are outpacing weekly wage growth in 57 percent of markets, and home price appreciation is outpacing rent growth in 55 percent of markets.

With rents continuing to outpace wages and home prices rising even faster than rents, “renters in 2016 will be caught between a

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