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Home Buyer Tips: Preparing for the Home Inspection

Worrying about the home inspection is not particularly productive, but preparing a list of questions to ask the home inspector is not only proactive, but represents another step down the path to your dream home. Not all items noted on an inspection checklist will turn out to be problems in need of immediate attention. On the other hand, just because little is noted does not guarantee that no concerns exist. Be clear about the limits of the inspector's ability and responsibility. Determine in advance exactly what your particular inspector will review. Be certain that you're going to get your money's worth in terms of value.

Professional inspectors will typically decline to discuss potential repair

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Every year, we get requests for copy of this wonderful Christmas Poem.  To make it convenient, we just decided to put it on our website!  Enjoy.

In the land of Manalouie, on the Isle of Taralee, lived the tribe of Manlea, lovely people of the sea.

This tribe had lived forever, and never known an angry day.  Their number was three thousand, their chief called Manahay.

The men were tall and handsome, the women were the same.  The children bright an active, trained in music and in game.  The old among them honored, and cared for were their lame.

The island with it's beaches, mountains and it's streams, gave them beauty and comfort that met their fondest dreams.

From the sea they took their sustenance, delicious food of fish and shell.  In

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